Spring Summit 2009 Recap – Part 1

March 29 2009
  • The Spring Summit 2009 (Sensing and Sensuality) event held at the Umeå Institute of Design and sponsored by Tellart last Friday was packed with inspiring talks by Adam Greenfield, Timo Arnall, Matt Jones, Matt Cottam, Jack Schulze, Lennart Andersson, Erica Robles, and UID’s own Mikael Wiberg and Camille Moussette.

    Video of many of those will be shared (soon-ish I imagine) so check this space for them.

    Both IxD1 and 1xD2 banded together to help make the event run smoothly. As a thank you souvenir to the visiting speakers, we made some artifacts to help them remember their time here (if they get them past security on their flights home).

    Mikko put some more photos on Picasa, here.

  • March 29 2009
    pea permalink

    Can I acquire a Puritanical Stewardship Shield anywhere (or rathere, anyware?)?

    April 1 2009

    These are great, happy to see that you documented them before sending them out into the world!
    thanks so much!

    April 3 2009

    […] Future Artifacts from UmeÃ¥ Institute of Design. Tongue-in-cheek “products” as speaker gifts, very nice. My favourite is the Criminal Love Implant: A team of Swedish scientists built these to combat the emotional tranqulizers we are injected with in our youth to dampen the unpredictability of love. Nothing says I love you like a crime of passion. (via timo’s delicious stream) […]

    April 6 2009

    […] Institute of Design’s Artifacts from the Future: http://www.interactiondesign.se/blog/2009/03/spring-summit-2009-recap-part-1/ 3 days […]


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