OUYA, funded in one day

July 10 2012

Today we were introduced to Ouya, a new(?) kind of video game console powered by Android. The cheaper (99$) and more open console is supposed to encourage developers to make games for larger screens by allowing them to publish games similar to the mobile platforms.

Yves Bahar and The Fuseproject (creators of OLPC and Jambox) are designing the hardware and by the looks there is nothing revolutionary. An interesting idea is that they encourage hackers and tinkerers to modify both hardware,  software and explore the product without loosing warranty. The hardware specs are released, but suggestions are encouraged.

It did not even take a day to get the project funded and pledges are open for another month. So what happens now?

Link to Kickstarter

July 11 2012

Great to see massive support for such project. Personally, what burns me with kickstarter is that project owners can do whatever they want once the project is funded. I funded a project last year, and then it was postponed 3-4 times, now about 1 year late. And then ask for additional shipping due to new shipping configuration… => not good.

I’ll wait and see the final realization of this console before dropping some coins for it. Great move towards open hardware though.

Primo, I’ll need a TV or a HDMI capable monitor…


July 11 2012

That was the Cubelets project, right? I funded it, but realized after four months that it simply was not worth it.

For the Ouya, the execution plays a major part for the future of the product and other similar initiatives.

July 11 2012

No, not for the cubelets, but for revolights. But now that you mention it, I wonder if we ever got the cubelets kit we ordered for the Interaction Workshop???

Impressive funding for the Ouya project, now over 3 millions after a day of launching. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. It’s fun to see how the kickstarter website struggle cope with so many backers/comments. It’s awkward to navigate the comments for example :-) A nice problem to have I would say.

January 4 2013

[…] very quickly and they still have a bit less than a month to pick up some extra pledges. In the last post about OUYA there was some concern about what happens next? Well, a part from the rather poor […]


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