Impossible Project’s I-1 Camera

April 24 2016

May 9 2016
Mikko permalink

Gotta comment on this one after a long time. If you haven’t used Polaroid, get one now! I’m getting rid of all my digital cameras and am just shooting 35mm, 110 film, Impossible’s version of Polaroid, Fuji’s peel-apart Polaroid, which is unfortunately being discontinued and Fuji Instax. Only digital one I’m keeping is the iPhone. The reason is that my hard-drives are full of pictures I never look at or show to anybody or even try to keep them organised. Going analogue is expensive, but you have memories that will last and is much easier to look at than transferring them to a hard-drive, then to your Dropbox to get them to an iPad, which is already full of stuff, so you need to delete photos, but you are not really sure if you have them backed up somewhere, so you make a back-up for the millionth time to some portable drive that doesn’t support USB-C or ThunderLightning or whatever and then you try to remember where you put the hard-drive and then you make another back-up just in case to some cloud account, which auto-deletes some stuff every forthnight, because they change the terms and conditions. And blaaah! With Impossible you get 8 photos from your trip to the Maldives or if you brought along an extra pack you get 16. Tuck them in to a shoebox, write something on top of it and 40 years later you can open the box, reminiscence with your grandchildren about the long lost island kingdom, while sipping some expensive whiskey in front of a fireplace in the Swiss alps, thinking about what the hell were hard-drives and why was it called “The Cloud”.
I’m not totally convinced about the I-1, even though I admire Impossible Project and all their struggles and efforts to get instant film popular again, which it actually is, as Fuji Instax is selling like hot cakes all over the world. They should’ve make it folding one like the SX-70, so it’s easy to carry and whip out whenever you need to take a photo. Right now the best options for anyone to get in to instant photography is to get either Lomo’Instant Wide, a used Fuji Instax 500AF from Japan (I have that one, forget about any other Instax camera, they’re rubbish) or MiNT’s SLR670 alpha, which is really expensive. Worth noting is also that Impossible film is more than twice the price of Instax Wide, the latter is also more readily available from photoshops.

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