End of Attention Economy

March 15 2015

Nice thoughts around how “screens need to make room for our lives”

March 22 2015

Thanks for sharing Stoffel. It will be nice to follow and see how thoughts like this progress. The present competition for screen time and attention does paint some gloomy ‘outside screen’ consequences, not unlike similar relations to other definite resources. A mindset I doubt could go on forever with the (so far) growing consciousness.

I wonder if less screentime or less traditional hooking of users would mean less business in the long run. It seems like a fairly simple minded way of measuring usage and appreciation of a service.

March 24 2015
Regi permalink

The premise is interesting, the examples are horrible to my mind. Changing a search tool (browser in this case) into a planning-social-yoga-novel-reminder piece of software is not going to make an interface ‘better’. From the video It seems that what goes into a redesign of such an interface are a designer’s egotistical wishes first of all or a stock-photo inspired persona?
And i get that he’s saying the examples aren’t perfect, but since they’re design manifestations it’s pretty hard to see what qualities make them up.

March 24 2015
Stoffel permalink

I understand your general assessment. Do you know of any examples that do a better job at what you criticise?

March 24 2015
Regi permalink

There are plenty apps already which do what he’s talking about – planning, managing, sports, productivity, entertainment. Their integration into an ecosystem which is trying to be anything for anyone is questionable at times, of course.

I think a singular experience through multiple different devices, or having a better human-human communication through technology is a problem as well, but the examples provided in the video and the idea that a designer or an interface can make a morning/life better is just vain. I also think that it’s wrong to believe that all problems can be solved through technology and design alone.

Like I said, I don’t disagree with the general thought in the video, that screens need to make more room for what matters more to us, but then again, screens only have that many pixels in them :)

Oh, and I think future UI-wise with some thought behind it Amid’s rimino.amidm.com serves as better inspiration and thought provocation (at least for me) than the examples in the video.

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