Frog’s Room-E project

July 19 2013

I like the approach of ‘make it to understand it’, but many of proposals showcased in the Walkthrough video do not really appeal to me. I have no problem walking to the switch on the wall to turn on and off my lights. Gesturing and voice command to do the same it doesn’t seem rational and efficient, both from a human perspective or a technology/machine/resources perspective. Anyways, it’s nice from frog to share such endeavour with the general public.

Read all about Room-E here.

And while at it, check their Industrial Design in the Modern World movie, just below:

July 23 2013

The E-Room videos are neat and you are right in that some of those actions seem a bit odd. I guess that is the point here? There is something great in building and showing off a rather limited concept next to a good one.

August 13 2013
Kilian Kreiser permalink

Interesting point, Adam…Still I doubt frog was showing weird ideas on purpose to let the other ones shine :) I think it is the same like with most products/solutions: You never like the whole thing, but you find parts of it you really like.
I know people who’d love the gesture/voice control features for instance :) For me, the twitter stuff was completely off – but that might just be as I’m not an active twitter user?

August 27 2013


I don’t believe they were necessarily built to show off externally(which they now did). The people who work in this space probably don’t deal with front end development, much like the setting I work in, so it makes sense to use them as internal explorations. A range of ‘concept cars’ of interactions if you may.

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