things that fly!

June 23 2013

The guys behind the flying bike project almost took over the world. They almost did. Because: why starting a kickstarter project about a flying bicycle that is “ready for manufacturing” without having a pledge that actually gets you the bike? Maybe that would also have pushed people to back more, right now the funding isn’t going very well. I really hope they make it, though. And that I’ll have enough money some day to buy one.

I think the car is really well designed, I’m wondering if such mechanics allow for upscaling to a full-size car?

Both Paravelo and ‘B’ are on kickstarter right now.

June 23 2013

Run it by Davoli. Due to efficiency, drones and rotors seems to be in his flaming repertoar lately.

June 24 2013

I was hoping for a light gyrocopter type solution that would allow me to pedal like crazy and hop my way around.

It feels like ‘B’ might very well be possible with the right materials, the open rotors might scratch a few cars but then again, it flies.

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