Resonate 2012 – in Belgrade

December 2 2011

16-17 March 2012
With -> Nicholas Felton, Josh Nimoy, Jer Thorp, Greg J. Smith, Regine Debatty, Champagne Valentine, Niklas Roy, Benjamin Gaulon, Martial Geoffre-Rouland, Karsten Schmidt, FIELD, LAb[au], Rafaël Rozendaal, United Visual Artists, Written Images, Jürg Lehni, WARP, onedotzero and more.

December 5 2011
Jules permalink

sounds promising, looking forward for the site to be released

December 8 2011

Are you going, Mikko? Lets.
Going, rest of Umeå?

December 12 2011
jsh permalink

I be down for going- pending planning accurately for time off from degree. Bring on the Å¡ljivovica, and Mikko bring Johnjohn that is if you plan on going.

December 14 2011
Lorenzo permalink

Sounds interesting. Location Especially.

December 14 2011
Mikko permalink

Yeah, sounds very interesting indeed. Roberto and Jenn: I need to check my schedule next month for next year, but I’m definitely hoping to go there! (I’ll skip the ratpoison though, it’s not made for human consumption)

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