Recap of 2011

December 26 2011

It is this time of year where we get to eat a lot and reflect a bit on the last twelve months that just went by so quickly. 2011 was a fruitful year interaction-wise. I am trying to collect a few links and thoughts to specifically look back at the novelties, hits and misses that impacted us over the last year. Share your perspectives and links in the comments.

IxD-related news/things that made a dent in my life during 2011:
(another new) android tablet announced, Nokia and MS join forces, 3d printers are selling like cupcakes, Steve Jobs passed away, Flash on mobile discontinued, Arduino 1.0 launched, everybody is shooting movies with DLSR, companies are launching IoT devices, no more multitouch tables (or very few, phew!), Open source hardware (OSHW), video mapping is trendy, kickstarter is the new ebay (pay now but get it in 3 months!), LEDs everywhere, fancier robots but they are still creepy, Sparkfun is the Wallmart (but much better) for makers and designers, Google still owns the web (or think it does), Kinect everything projects, mind-control computing is still not there yet but coming fast, quad-copters will save us, revolutions are happening everywhere and governments are trying to control or shut down telecom/internet, I am still waiting 5-10 minutes for a render on my latest generation computer, 3D movies/TVs are meaningless tech designed for planed obsolescence, the IxD world is growing quite much, IxD graduates are finding amazing jobs/internships, I am happy there is no tech on my bike, so I can easily fix it myself!

(More serious) retrospectives and trends of 2011 in IxD:
5 Lessons From The Best Interaction Designs Of 2011 [FastCo]
Best and Most Memorable Projects of 2011 [CreativeApplications.Net]
The 2011 trends in interactive design [Prophets Agency]

Happy holidays to all readers of !!!

January 6 2012

New Trends for 2012, a compilation

For whatever trends prediction is worth…

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