New gear in the Interaction Workshop

September 5 2010

The new school year is just starting and we have a few new items in the Interaction Workshop.

First, I just came back from the UK with two iPads. They have been available in Europe for a long time, but not in Sweden. I couldn’t figure out a sensible reason, other than major lobbying from the swedish network providers. Anyway, we have two 16GB wifi-only units in the lab for your iPadding pleasure (see how happy the girl is on the product shot!).

Second, a HP Touchsmart 600 PC has been purchased for making multi-touch work more accessible and easy-going. The all-in-one solution computer provides multi-touch capabilities without the typical hardware setup: aligning camera, starting 3 applications to mashup everything, and fiddling with video filters. It’s not the best MT platform out there, but it was cheap.

Finally, we have received the Roland MDX-40A, a new small CNC machine/robot to take over the atom-world. The motivation for getting this type of machine is to experiment, play and push the boundaries of computer-controlled activities. How do you mix and blur the line between computation and the real material world: drilling 500 holes in a particular pattern, making PCBs without chemicals, engrave your portrait in a piece of wood, make a custom case for your next project, etc. It will take a few more weeks before it is fully operational, but the machine is finally here. Yeapi.

September 5 2010

Wow. This post makes me green with envy. Especially the Roland! Wish I could be back there to play more and ‘work’ less. Excited to see the projects coming out of that Mecca. Please keep the sharing and posts alive so we can learn with the new students. :)

September 8 2010

Awesome!! ;)

Looking forward to play with the new toys. And btw Camille, did the school finally buy Canon 7D or some other small camera to record HD or 720p at least besides the big camcoder we already had?

See you soon!

September 9 2010

Hi Jordi, UID bought a 7D for my PhD project, but I’m open to share it with students to some extent. The audio is crappy on it and files are huge to edit. So unless you are ready to spend a considerable amount of time editing, the high-definition is more a problem than an advantage. There is always the small Canon HV20 that shoots beautiful HD video, and that video format is readily editable.

There are so many new affordable cameras, compact ones particularly, that shoot nice 720p. It really depends what are you priorities in your filming activities: form factor, live action/documentation, sound quality, studio, long-recording capabilities, interchangeable lenses, etc.. If you have suggestions of what the lab should get, let me know and we’ll look into it.

September 23 2010

A new update. UID is getting two Canon 7Ds now. One is given priority for the ADV folks, the other will go in the Interaction Workshop. Both will initially come with a fixed 50mm 1.4 lens, but eventually we’ll try to expand the offering with other great fixed lenses for creative photo/video shooting.


September 27 2010
Meng permalink

AWESOME!!! can we jailbreak the ipad :P

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