Time to start thinking out of the screen?…

January 26 2010

15 years of Indium (stuff LCD’s are made of)…

Even less, if demand should increase.

Link via Newscientist.

January 26 2010
Mikko permalink

As I already said on facethingy, that it’s way better to for the screen than outside it, if you look at the environmental impact. Now you have your iPhone or whatever full of products that needed to be it’s separate thing before. GPS, maps, compass, portable audio player, camera, etc.. Sure they are a bit boring (especially when compressed to the apple-look, removing the quirks that make some products lovelier), but if you are worried about the impact on the planet that the depletion of Indium has, then you should really be worried about everything outside the screen. Or not be worried at all.

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