Fall Summit 2009 (it’s next week, don’t forget)

October 29 2009

Just a quick word to remind the interactiondesign.se readers that the Fall Summit 2009, hosted at Umeå Institute of Design, starts next Friday, November 6.

I believe that the Fritzing workshop that is going to take place over the week-end is fully booked, but that there is still room for the conference day.


October 30 2009

I truly wish that I could be there. Could someone please volunteer to drink at least one warby for me afterwards? If not a warby any 3.5 falcon will do.

October 31 2009

would some Norrlands Guld (or Silver) do?

November 1 2009

Norrland’s guld would do fine- as long as it would be a single norrland’s purchased at statoil.

November 2 2009

Norrland’s Silver???? What, what, what ?!?! Something new, but refreshingly familiar taste, I presume.

November 2 2009

I have never seen Norrlands Silver. It’s Matt that has made me believe in that (apparently) false myth. Or maybe not.

See here .

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