OpenCV Tutorial

February 14 2009

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OpenCV is a Computer Vision Library, originally for OpenFrameworks, and now for Processing too.

Andy Best has written some tutorials here and here.

February 14 2009
Camille Moussette permalink

OpenCV was not made for OpenFrameworks. It is a project initiated by Intel Research many years ago (first version in 2000). The library written in C is optimized for real-time processing and takes advantage of embedded hardware acceleration. It runs on many platforms and is free for commercial and research use under a BSD license.

Oreilly’s has a good book for it if you are interested:

Learning OpenCV: Computer Vision with the OpenCV Library

Many wrappers and implementations are now available, so OpenCV can be accessed from Python, Java, C# and many other programming languages.

February 14 2009

Thanks for the correction. It looks like the Processing library of OpenCV is recent.

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