CIID Pilot Year projects are online

February 6 2009

Hey fellow UIDers, our lovely interaction friends down in Copenhagen posted their recent projects online. I have to say the site is almost exactly what I had in mind when we discussed what we should do for showing projects here on It’s simple, clean and elegant, not too much, not too little. Ok maybe, there is a bit too much text and no videos, but I have to say I’m quite jealous on their online presence.


Can we get going with the web project and have something as nice or even better?

February 8 2009

It’s nicely done. Jealous (in a good way) we should be.

I follow one of the student’s blog also, here, where you get a nice picture of what’s happening there.

The quality of the speakers that visits CIID is very impressive too. Their location is a bit more accessible, and some of the people behind the school bring over experience from Ivrea. My impression is that there’s a level of dedication and focus there that will offer much to learn from.

February 11 2009

Hi there, thanks for the mention for CIID, and for the feedback on our website. I am currently studying at CIID, and it is such an exciting and inspirational place to work. When you get your website up, make sure you send us the link :)

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