ForcePad, Force Touch & now Sensel

July 28 2015

Soon to launch on Kickstarter, Sensel is an external touchpad with pressure sensitivity.

It differs from products like the ForcePad or Apples Force Touch in the way that it is using a high resolution array of force sensitive resistors instead of capacitive touch. What is interesting about the approach is the ability to use any object.

“Currently, the most advanced technology apart from that which Sensel has created is Force Touch. The force sensitivity in Force Touch was created by placing four force sensors on the computer’s touchpad, one on each corner. Force Touch uses a capacitive sensor to detect fingers and other conductive objects. These are some fancy words — what do they mean exactly? Essentially, Force Touch can only detect fingers or objects like a stylus, but cannot detect other objects, like paintbrushes or a regular pen.”

Latency and how it feels to use remains to be felt. Could be some fun prototyping applications coming up though.

Here is a less official but let’s say passionate demo playing the interstellar theme

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