Core77 Design Awards 2012: IxD selection

July 13 2012

The 2012 Core77 Design Awards results are trickling in on daily basis, and we’ll soon have the complete listing. For the full interactive experience of the IxD category (who doesn’t like rollover action?), head to the Interaction results page. You can watch the announcement video with Matt Jones and Matt Webb, presenting this year’s crop of nominees and winners.

What’s your impression of the winning entries? For me, I find the projects are generally really good. It’s great to see ex-UIDer Yufan Chang get a nomination for his thesis project at CIID. I’m not sure I like the Feel Me and the Haptic Intelligentsia nominations. For me, they are tech-heavy solutions that lack some consideration for how we, humans, evolve and deal with the world. Our relation to touch and materiality is absolutely more complex than that. The relation touch = valuable IxD is very tempting but a tricky stance in my opinion. Those projects do bring back some materiality/tangibility into focus, but in a naive way if you ask me. Anyway, just my mini rant about some IxD that is out there, claiming meaningfulness just by tying craftsmanship and technology loosely together.

The professionals projects are top-notch, and happily recognize great IxD beyond pixel-beauty. The entries have overall good purpose, story or value embracing a sweet mix of the social, the physical and the technological.

Other notables from UID: Maxime Dubreucq and his EG helmet in the Equipment category, plus Metin Kaplan with Airship_Sunrise and Alistair Warren with his UMV Urban Mail Vehicle in the Transportation category.

For 2013, it would be nice to have some IxD UID projects in there :-) IxD boys and girls, get your video camera and soldering iron ready for next year’s instalment!

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