TEI’11 Design Competition

August 22 2010

TEI (Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction) is a really great conference. For 2011, they are starting a Design Challenge competition only for students. The venue is Funchal, Madeira in Portugal, not bad! Here is the full call for participation:

Always wanted to fly, zap your enemies with lightning, or own an invisibility cloak? Now’s your chance to apply your design and engineering skills to achieve your dreams. TEI 2011, the fifth international conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction, is delighted to announce its first student design challenge, which will focus on superhero costumes and accessories. More information is available below and on the design challenge website: http://www.tei-conf.org/11/participation_/design-challenge/

Looking forward to seeing you (and your superhero alter ego) at TEI 2011!

October 31st: Entry deadline (a simple email with details about your team, nothing actually due)
December 10th: TEI early registration deadline (confirm challenge participation by registering)
Dec. 10th-Jan. 22nd: Project development
January 23-26th: TEI conference: design presentation

Projects will be presented at a special runway event held during TEI 2011. Each team will have 5-10 minutes to dazzle the crowd with a demonstration of their costume in action. This presentation will be modeled on a fashion runway show, so teams should arrange to have someone wear and demonstrate the costume in person.

We will award cash prizes of $1000 each in three categories:

• Inventiveness
• Quality of execution
• Presentation and style

All TEI attendees will vote to elect the winners in each category.


See all the details on the TEI 2011 website

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