R from Teenage Engineering

November 18 2017


R is the worlds first emotional 6-axis life form. with unique possibilities to express emotions and react to a conversation driven by baidu’s leading artificial intelligence technology. with six fully independent axes, loaded with sensors and microphones, and with the same loudspeaker design as the H built into the base, the industry grade motor control will make it dance and express feelings in a way you have never experienced before. and maybe, just maybe it will be compatible with OP-Z.

Behind the scene video:

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Why we need to imagine different futures

November 17 2017

Notes from the UK / India based design studio about why it is important to critically address the future of technology:


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Roli: Seaboard Blocks

November 3 2017

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A little Interaction Design History.

May 26 2017

Much of how we interact with computers -and other people using them- nowadays was demo’d nearly 60 years ago.

An exhibition at the London Design Museum showcases many of the artifacts that set and mark the agenda of the Californian (techno-)utopism that shapes so much of our lives today. California: Designing Freedom, May 24 – October 15, 2017.
The Guardian gives a brief impression of the exhibition.

And a related article in the same newspaper addresses a particular aspect of the cultural context of these developments: “Designers on acid: the tripping Californians who paved the way to our touchscreen world”.

I found it quite enlightening to hear some of the protagonists of this story reflect over dinner.
Memorable quote: “It’s just packaging man”.

If you want to read more about this story: Fred Turner’s book “From counterculture to cyberculture” is an entertaining read.
Barry M. Katz gives a perspective on the role that design played in his book “Make it New”.

If (tendentious) visual story telling is more your thing, watch Adam Curtis’ 3- episode documentary (?) “All watched over by machines of loving grace”.

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Sonic Pendulum by Yuri Suzuki

April 25 2017

“Sonic Pendulum a sound installation using artificial intelligence that processes sounds from around the space to create an endless sound space”. Be sure to check his other really nice projects: http://yurisuzuki.com/design-studio/


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Voice interface for photo editing?

January 12 2017

Our Adobe Research team is exploring what an intelligent digital assistant photo editing might look like. To envision this, we combined the emerging science of voice interaction with a deep understanding of both creative workflows and the creative aspirations of our customers. Our speech recognition system is able to directly accept natural user voice instructions for image editing either locally through on-device computing or through a cloud-based Natural Language understanding service. This is a first step towards a robust multimodal voice-based interface which allows our creative customers to search and edit images in an easy and engaging way using Adobe mobile applications.

More Adobe Research HCI projects here

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December 23 2016

Via IEEE Spectrum article, and the corresponding UI!

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BALLU: Buoyancy Assisted Lightweight Legged Unit

November 23 2016

From the folks at RoMeLa – The Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory at UCLA (http://www.romela.org). It seems like they brought a cartoon stick figure to life. It’s so nice! Here’s part of the research abstract:

Robots are often associated with being heavy, mechanized metal objects. In fact, most current bipedal robots are unsafe, unstable, complex, expensive, and slow. The risks, inefficiencies, and danger involved prevents their widespread use and interaction with humans. This video presents the initial feasibility study and testing done on BALLU (Buoyancy Assisted Lightweight Legged Unit). BALLU is a robotic system that uses buoyancy to aid its stability and increase safety. This unique approach makes it intrinsically stable at all times and prevents it from falling.

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Project Dreamcatcher

November 14 2016

“What if a CAD system could generate thousands of design options that all meet your specified goals? It’s no longer what if: it’s Project Dreamcatcher, the next generation of CAD. Dreamcatcher is a generative design system that enables designers to craft a definition of their design problem through goals and constraints. This information is used to synthesize alternative design solutions that meet the objectives. Designers are able to explore trade-offs between many alternative approaches and select design solutions for manufacture.”


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Jump around!

October 7 2016

Current and previous single-legged hopping robots are energetically tethered and lack portability. Here, we present the design and control of an untethered, energetically autonomous single-legged hopping robot.

More to read on Disney’s site

Untethered One-Legged Hopping in 3D Using Linear Elastic Actuator in Parallel (LEAP)

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Deep Web

September 23 2016

Deep Web is a monumental immersive audiovisual installation and live performance created by light artist Christopher Bauder and composer and musician Robert Henke

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Estimote Mirror

September 19 2016


It’s the world’s first video-enabled beacon. Estimote Mirror can not only communicate with nearby phones and their corresponding apps, but also take content from these apps and display it on any digital screen around you.

Weird product shape/form, it’s good it will be hidden behind the display!


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Fidget cube

September 14 2016

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Monome Arc + Ansible

September 12 2016

Gorgeous new edition of the Monome’s Arc knob controller. Check out the really nice IxD of the Arc + Ansible starting near the 4:20 mark.


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Smart Cycling Helmet

September 12 2016

Coros LINX lets you ride with open ears, tune in to your ride and your music, calls, GPS navigation, ride data and more. Connect via Bluetooth 4.0 and control everything on a tiny remote at the touch of your finger. No earbuds required.


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