September 19 2014

Sketching of any form (on paper, in hardware, in video) enables you to let your ideas talk back to you.
This is a resource for developing your sketching skills on paper (not only for shape and mechanical development, also for storytelling and interaction design).

Martijn van de Wiel’s Designsketching on facebook has even more than his Vimeo channel

(full disclosure: Martijn is a long time friend…)


February 5 2015

[…] Here at the Interaction Design program at the UmeÃ¥ Institute of Design we value sketching as a tool for developing designs. We teach how to sketch in all sorts of forms and materials and it sometimes may seem we emphasize sketching and prototyping in hardware and code. However, any ideas around sketching are deeply rooted in its original form of drawings and visuals (I have posted on such sketching before). […]


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