Light Table / IDE for scripting

August 28 2013

Here is a beautifully designed IDE (Interactive Development Environment) by Chris Granger for creating and testing scripts for web applications.

It has a beautiful minimal interface. Note the navigation tabs “doc” (green), “find” (blue), “play”(red), “table”(turq.), and “light”(purple) in the lower right hand corner.

See a nice video demonstration here on Vimeo.

Light Table / IDE for scripting

The smallest unit of code is a function. Here nested functions are displayed to the right of the current function.

Light Table IDE for scripting

Live view of code (game with circle and squares) plus editable “table” view (see navigation bar in lower left of screen) of nested functions.

September 3 2013

Very nice, thanks for sharing! I wish it would support a few more languages (java, php), but I guess this is coming in a future release.


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