UID’13 Design Talks – Presentations and Keynotes

June 1 2013

UID 2013 projects

The presentations and keynote videos are now available on the UID’13 website! Pop by in case you missed out!

Congratulations to all you guys with a job well done!!!

Here are this years IxD degree projects:

Alexis Morin – lin’guage: Self-Directed Language Learning
Carol Tang – LIME: A toolkit for us to create the future library together.
Harry Clayton Cook -TACTILE SEMANTICS Browsing the internet blind
Jessica Myra – Legacy: Transcend Time & Generations
Kilian Kreiser – SPAN: A platform to monitor bird protection areas
Lynn Bui – The 10/60 Movement
Marlene Kettner – Interactive Histories
Maryia Ziankevich- Local ROOTS
Miha Feuš – The Haptic Drive
Sharon Williams -Digital Identity: Connecting atoms and bits in youth’s search of self identity.
Shivanjali Tomar – Prologue
Vivian Lo – Pausitive

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