Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2012

July 15 2012

Each year, Microsoft Research hosts an annual faculty summit. Leading academic researchers and educators join with Microsoft researchers to explore the latest research results, collectively discuss the challenges faced by the community, search for the best approaches for addressing those challenges, and identify new research opportunities.

This year, the presentations are streamed live at this page. Talks and keynotes span two full days, with varying topics close and not-so-close to computer science. Check the agenda. Those ones look particularly good to me: NUI Research Snapshots with Patrick Baudisch, Custom Devices for Research from Bill Gaver, Albrecht Schmidt and James Scott, Research in Focus: Adventures in NUI by Desney Tan.

We have two IxD first year UID students heading to Redmond this week for the occasion. Siri Johansson and Shivanjali Tomar will be presenting their language learning Lango project. Have fun on the Microsoft Campus and make sure to connect with the numerous UID alumni working in the Seattle area.

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