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TODO list for Camille and Rickard

  • Reformat and update Mac Pro with OSX 10.6
  • Find rechargeable batteries, and sort the regular ones
  • (Touch table and magnetic tube) Prepare some demos so that ready to demo (power-up and launch)
  • Have some documentation (print or on computer screen) about the workshop or projects, ready to show
  • Update the budget excel document, archive receipts/invoices in the binder
  • Setup dual-boot Windows/Linux workstation for the new milling machine
  • DONE (Camille) Setup new trolley for CNC machine
  • DONE (Camille) Order drill bits, clamps and rulers for the new milling machine
  • Plan workshop training license schedule for new classes and students
  • Add self-service booking for iWorkshop booking system for public items like books, video stations
  • DONE Populate tray tower with parts
  • DONE Build resistors binders
  • Setup Teddy Bear demo with Mac G4
  • DONE (Camille) Order 2-3 new USB hub with power supply
  • DONE (Camille) ordered cabinet units for rotating tower
  • DONE (Camille) Register new stop-motion books in the iWorkshop booking system
  • Update all Mac Mini's to OSX 10.6 (10.5 is restricted to Java 1.5, with gives problems with Processing 2 and video; iW 567 is already updated)
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