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UID Arduino Kit, 2009 version

The UID Arduino Kit is a new initiative to help promote exploration and tinkering in Hardware Sketching and Experience Prototyping. The kit contains basic bits and pieces to get started in building stuff. Regular classes and sessions will be offered to students (both IxD1 and IxD2) to introduce the kit and what you can do with it.

The kit is offered to students at a reduced price of 300 sek (2009 edition) .

The kit is available now from Camille or Rickard in the Interaction Workshop. Note that these kits are partially funded by UID and your study program, the regular cost for these items totals over 550 sek.

Happy prototyping!

What is in the kit?

  • Arduino Diecimila Board
  • USB cable
  • Breadboard
  • Straight single line pinhead connectors 40×1
  • Set of 70 breadboard jumper wires
  • Piezo buzzer
  • BC547 NPN Transistor in TO92 Package
  • PCB Pushbuttons
  • 4N35 Optocoupler DIL-6 package
  • Diode 1n4007
  • MOSFET IRF540 100V 28A
  • 220 Ω Resistors 1/4W
  • 2.2 KΩ Resistor 1/4W
  • 10 KΩ Resistors 1/4W
  • 330 KΩ Resistors 1/4W
  • 10nF capacitors polyester
  • 100nF capacitors polyester
  • 100uF electrolytic capacitors 25Vdc
  • 4.7 KΩ Thermistor
  • 10 KΩ Potentiometer
  • 18-50 KΩ Photoresistor VT90N2
  • Red LEDs 5mm
  • Green LED 5mm
  • Yellow LED 5mm

Technical details and resources

coming soon

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