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 +======Various Resources======
 +Part of [[courses:​experience_prototyping_fall_2011|]]\\
 +=====Free Blogs=====
 +There are many free blog services, each with their own knacks, looks and possibilities. Have a look around and see what fits you best.\\ If you find an awsome one, add it to the list with a few words of what you think of it, why you choose it.\\
 +=====Theme Inspirations=====
 +Pong played by audience, Loren Carpenter 1991 (!)\\
 +the actual game starts at 2min39\\
 +illustrating the concept of emergent behavior:\\
 +the stunning ondulations of birds (starlings) flying in flock, called a murmuration ​
 +the flocking behavior emulated for a light installation
 +people inadvertently getting in sync\\
 +Mexican waves (not easy to capture on film)\\
 +VERY organized group behavior
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