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Various Resources

Free Blogs

There are many free blog services, each with their own knacks, looks and possibilities. Have a look around and see what fits you best.
If you find an awsome one, add it to the list with a few words of what you think of it, why you choose it.

Theme Inspirations

Pong played by audience, Loren Carpenter 1991 (!)
the actual game starts at 2min39


illustrating the concept of emergent behavior:
the stunning ondulations of birds (starlings) flying in flock, called a murmuration search?q=eakKfY5aHmY&btnI=lucky
the flocking behavior emulated for a light installation search?q=15665834&btnI=lucky
people inadvertently getting in sync
search?q=eAXVa__XWZ8&btnI=lucky search?q=gQK21572oSU&btnI=lucky

Mexican waves (not easy to capture on film)
search?q=H0K2dvB-7WY&btnI=lucky search?q=XmEvXLdHzQA&btnI=lucky

VERY organized group behavior search?q=7Jgkm2pdWgY&btnI=lucky

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