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 +====== PCB Design & Etching 2012 ======
 +I'll use this page as a blog to keep track of my project. It will be a working doc during the process. When finished I will do a clean-up and write a description of steps taken + the final result.\\ ​
 +==== goals ====
 +  * Learn EAGLE\\
 +  * get familiar with etching techniques\\
 +  * learn SMD soldering\\
 +  * Make a pcb that allows for easy use of wireless sensor reading. Goal is to use keep it small-size, low-cost, use of easy to find components. Also, the board should most preferably be easy to program and have low power consumption.\\
 +==== related projects ====
 +Low power sensor node (<$12) by Maniacbug\\
 +Using an Atmega328P MCU, nRF24L01+ radio, 3V | 540mAh coin cell to measure room temperature wirelessly on intervals.\\
 +Libraries, EAGLE circuit and PCB available [[http://​​2011/​10/​19/​sensor-node|Link]]\\
 +Mini FET board by IDEO Labs\\
 +A small shield for Arduino Pro Mini\\
 +EAGLE circuit and board available, [[http://​​2009/​08/​10/​arduino-mini-shield-for-small-prototypes/​|Link]]\\
 +The Arduino Split\\
 +[[http://​​p=119|project link]]\\
 +==== wishlist ​ ====
 +  * Arduino Pro Mini
 +  * FTDI Breakout board/ cable
 +  * Coin cell 3,6V | 110mAh, [[http://​​products/​10319|Sparkfun]]
 +  * tiny battery pack 3,7V | 110mAh, [[http://​​products/​731|Sparkfun]]
 +  * arduino pro micro, [[http://​​products/​10999|Sparkfun]]
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