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 +===== Makey makey and Processing=====
 +Today we will play around with the versatile Makey makey, and combining it with your Processing code and/or other programs. Explore the possibilities of what you can do with the input and what you can have that input do in your processing code. Remember, the makey makey maps any kind of switch you build to key inputs as if it was on your keyboard.
 +=== The Makey makey ===
 +In essence we will build our own buttons by connecting one end of it to minus/​ground or "​Earth"​ as it says on the board. The other end of your button connects to what you want the computer to interpret it as. 
 +{{ :​courses:​makey_top_explained_s.jpg |}}
 +The top of the board gives you access to the arrow-keys, space and left mouse button. The arrow keys are in processing read as coded keys when you use keypressed(). We have covered this in the classes on Processing, but like any programmer, I don't expect you to know it by heart, but it's easy to check back in the notes in the wiki and the reference page on the processing website.
 +{{ :​courses:​makey_bottom_explained_s.jpg |}}
 + The back of the board gives you access to keys for the letters W, A, S, D, F, G, and also control of the mousepointer (up, down, left right) and both mouse clicks.
 +=== Processing ===
 +Using what we've done with processing before you can easily write a program that uses the keys mentioned playing with sound, images, text, color etc.
 +=== Today ===
 +In groups you can decide for yourselves if you want to focus on exploring what kind of weird buttons you can make, and control reliable programs, or you can use the alligator clips and focus on programming. Or you can be **badasses** and explore BOTH! 
 +Here are installation [[https://​​tutorials/​378|instructions]] and the official [[http://​​|website]].
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