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Shivanjali Tomar


Trust Credit

Trust Credit is a concept for a new form of credit system dependent on a person's socio-economic behaviour and relationship with individuals and businesses as opposed to their financial history.

Trust credit is a way to make our credit system more humane and socially responsible again. It is aimed at fostering responsible behavior towards people and not just the money.

At any specific location, Trust credit is collated by taking into account a person's social reputation, influence, proximity to the business, context specificity and transaction history in real time.

The artifacts designed are to simulate the tangible experience that should be associated with such a humane, warm and connected system. The contextual Trust credit value and qualitative feedback of the defining parameters are given through the tactile interface of the credit card and point of purchase- payment system. The trust credit card also warns users with any negative implication of their socio-economic actions through the tactile interface.

Trust Credit Card

Trust Credit Card- Negative Consequences Feedback

Trust Credit- Payment Module

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