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Sharon Williams


Project Lupa: Home Unit Case Study.
Concept project for the social, financial and emotional implications of migration and money transfers.

Project Lupa is an Interaction Design concept project for the future of banking, more specifically for the social, financial and emotional implications of migration and money transfers. It aims to help migrants manage and understand their personal economy and its impact in their lifestyle, cross-boarders; acting as a metaphorical portal between their two worlds. Project Lupa contains a Portable Unit and a Home Unit; and it includes four use cases that, mapped in a migration journey, explore how it might impact society and its individuals:

1. Creating awareness at a social scale: Learn and understand lifestyles all around the world, compare your lifestyle to that in someplace else, learn how other immigrants live in your city by exploring the globe in an airport or town square installation.

2. Exploring current lifestyle: Explore lifestyle cost in different countries based on your personal lifestyle. It can help you chose where to move to, and understand how others live, as well as the actual price of a flight ticket or a hotel room when booking on-line.

3. Adapting to a new place: Explore and understand new lifestyle by translating prices in real time, when purchasing, when receiving bills, when checking prices on-line, etc…

4. Managing Finances in 2 currencies: Manage finances in two places, know your individual as well as your total balance, and learn when it’s best to transfer. This last use case is the area of focus of this project.


Know your personal finances in two places with two currencies.

Curated currency and lifestyle equivalences.

International money transfers to oneself.

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