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Jules Fennis


Noto Banking Toolkit

Noto is a toolkit that makes it easier and more fun to manage a savings account or loan. It exist of a set of physical building blocks and an internet banking app.

The philosophy of the abacus -which allows to do subtraction and addition without using actual numbers- was a strong driver during the design process. By offering haptic qualities to express abstract values such as growth, interest and deposits, one can interact with rather complex data in a tangible way. Compared to the traditional method -doing all calculations by hand- it makes the job more playful and less cognitive-intensive.

Herein, an import function is to explore and find alternative ways of saving money or paying back a loan. Because financial matters often don't go as planned, the toolkit support an flexible approach towards banking, where one can revise and alter the plan any moment in time.

The length of a savings account or loan is represented by a number of building blocks. Deposits are made and goad are set by stacking 'money tokens' as well as setting sliders. After each session, the progress and created data stacks can be reviewed with the application after the device is synchronized.

Noto Banking Toolkit

Planning a financial product through physical interactions

Create goals and deposit plans by stacking money tokens

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