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 +====Week 36: Aesthetics of Interaction ====
 +//​with:​[[https://​​groups/​178529642206018/​| Niklas Andersson, desajnö]]//​\\
 +The week aims to give an overview of central views and problems within aesthetics of interaction design; you will also explore in practice how aesthetics of interaction can be sketched out and prototyped rapidly
 +        * Overview of the history of aesthetics\\
 +        * Prototyping both visual and non-visual aesthetics of interaction\\
 +        * Current standpoints in interaction aesthetics
 +        * Introduction to applied gestalt psychology and phenomenology\\
 +        * Temporal and behavioral aspects of interaction design, mainly from a user experience perspective\\
 +To summarize:​\\ ​
 +After this week you should have a clear idea about what interaction aesthetics is and what to consider when designing the various aspects of it. Thus, you should be able to design an interactive object or system with a focus not only on functionality but also on aesthetics, and be able to provide a valid rationale for this design.\\
 +The course features both practical and theoretical parts, as well as work in groups (exercise A, B and C) and individual work (writing). Lectures and literature give a theoretical foundation, which is immediately put into practice in a series of small exercises. Focus is upon turning analysis and reflection into practical action. Focus is also on exchange of thoughts, feedback, designs and ideas. The course requires active participation (but no programming this week).\\
 +====Week Overview====
 +==Monday Aug 31==
 +09:00 - 12:00: (Roll-call and start of the year activities)\\
 +14:00 - 16:00: Introduction to the week + team formation + history of aesthetics and contemporary aesthetics of interaction + writing assignment\\
 +==Tuesday Sep 1==
 +09:00 - 14:00: {{:​courses:​a_-_animal_expression_transfer.pdf|Exercise A}} - //Animal Expression Transfer (Niklas available for tutoring 09:​00-10:​15)//​\\
 +14:00 - 15:00: Presentation of Exercise A\\
 +15:00 - 16.00: Introduction to applied gestalt psychology\\
 +==Wednesday Sep 2==
 +09:00 - 12:00: {{:​courses:​b_-_designing_emotions_-_suspicion.pdf|Exercise B}} - //Designing Emotions (Niklas available for tutoring 09:​00-10:​15)//​\\
 +13:00 - 16:00: (curriculum free)\\
 +==Thursday Sep 3==
 +09:00 - 10:00: Presentation of Exercise B\\
 +10:00 - 11:00: Introduction to Phenomenology\\
 +11:00 - 16.00: {{:​courses:​c_-_insta..._what_.pdf|Exercise C}} - //​Insta...What?​! (Niklas available for tutoring 11:​00-12:​00)//​\\
 +==Friday Sep 4==
 +09:00 - 14:00: Exercise C - //​Insta...What?​!//​(cont'​d.)\\
 +14:00 - 15:00: Presentation of Exercise C\\
 +15:00 - 16:00: Reflections and feedback\\
 +==Monday Sep 7==
 +12:00 - 13:00: Hand in final version of writing assignment via email to Niklas\\
 +====Links and materials provided by teachers and students====
 +**Design & Aesthetics**:​ Friberg, C., 2014. //Design and the Question of Aesthetics.//​ Artifact, Vol. 3, Nr. 3, s. 1. https://​​journals/​index.php/​artifact/​article/​view/​3247/​3793\\
 +**Aesthetics of Interaction**:​ Lundgren, S., 2010. //Teaching and Learning Aesthetics of Interaction.//​ PhD Dissertation. Chalmers. http://​​records/​fulltext/​121407.pdf\\
 +**Gestalt Psychology**:​ https://​​wiki/​Gestalt_psychology\\
 +**Phenomenology**:​ http://​​phenom/​\\
 +**Husserl and the Adventure of Phenomenology - In Twelve Minutes**: https://​​watch?​v=PjknxljepKA\\
 +**Dewey'​s Art As Experience**:​ https://​​watch?​v=Nb4meto0Oqs  ​
 +====Lecture slides====
 +Introduction to the week {{:​courses:​aoi_week_intro_2015.pdf|}}\\
 +History of aesthetics {{:​courses:​history_of_aesthetics-2015.pdf|}}\\
 +Contemporary aesthetics of interaction {{:​courses:​contemporary_aesthetics_of_interaction-2015.pdf|}}\\
 +Applied Gestalt Psychology {{:​courses:​applied_gestalt_psychology.pdf|}}\\
 +Experience and Phenomenology {{:​courses:​experience-and-phenomenology.pdf|}}
 +====Expected Results of the week====
 +Learning goals:​\\ ​
 +        * Have an overarching knowledge of the history of aesthetics in relation to industrial design and interaction design\\
 +        * Be aware of the importance and aesthetical effect of all kinds of expressions,​ not only visual ones
 +        * Be able to apply certain aesthetic values to an interface

 +        * Create a vocabulary to discuss and motivate design choices

 +        * Be trained in giving and receiving constructive feedback on design of interaction aesthetics
 +        * Artifacts of exercise A, B and C (team)
 +        * 1-2 minutes one-shot documentation videos of exercise A, B and C (team)
 +        * One-page writing assignment (individual). The text will be used five weeks later as input to the project work in //5ID082 P3: Interaction Concept// http://​​en/​education/​programmes/​mfa-in-interaction-design/​projects/​interaction-concept/​)
 +====Resulting Student Work====
 +Link to your documentation videos:\\
 +**Delphie Carlson, Matthias Karg, Tais Mauk, Júlia Nacsa:**\\
 +**Jenni Toriseva, Mady Torres, Mariano Velamazán, Victor Woronovicz:​**
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