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 +=====Project Brief Seminar - Oct 21=====
 +[[courses:​p3_fall_2015|<<​ To project wiki page]]\\
 +\\ Teacher: Niklas Andersson\\
 +====09.00: Kick-off in Green Room====
 +====09.10 - 11.45: Parallel seminar sessions in four different rooms====
 +Each student has **30 minutes each** to **present, discuss** and **get feedback** on the brief and the basic storyline with and from the other seminar participants. Free presentation format. \\
 +//NOTE: Bring hard copies of your material OR email it in advance to Niklas and the seminar participants in your room.// ​
 +**Green Room:**\\
 +James, Mathias, Lars & Mariano, Julia, Tais \\
 +**White Room:**\\
 +Lauren, Jiaojiao, Mady, Regi \\
 +**Black Room:**\\
 +Kevin, Marcel, Sreyan, Victor \\
 +**Lower Conference Room:**\\
 +Jenni, Delphine, Aylin, Yedan, Migle \\
 +====11.45 - 12.00: Wrap-up session in Green Room====
 +====12.00: End of seminar====
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