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 +====Week 39: How to get what you want (electronically)====
 +//​with:​[[http://​http://​​en/​research/​research-education/​stoffel-kuenen/?​qstr=stoffel%20kuenen| Stoffel Kuenen]], [[http://​​en/​news/​uid-interview/​rickard-aastroem/​| Rickard Åström]] and [[http://​| Adam Henriksson]]//​\\
 +This week is meant to be shaped by the participating students.\\
 +Generally it will be about how to approach getting things to work for you and how to use (and push) whatever skill-level you have to get what you want from the electronics stuff we have available at the school.\\
 +For some this week can be a refresher or intro to basic interactive electronics,​ for some it will be about taking your basic skills and try and tinker with stuff you are not yet familiar with and for some we can make it a challenge of getting some of the things in the IxD workshop to work that no-one has used for a long time or even knows what it may do.\\
 +In the following weeks, [[courses:​2014_exp_prototyping_week39|39]] and [[courses:​2014_exp_prototyping_week40|40]],​ basic skills regarding Arduino and electronics are required. This week will get you ready.\\
 +Suggested topics:
 +  * Arduino: how to connect and control something, and then more and then even more;
 +    * Arduino shields;
 +    * Analog and digital sensors;
 +    * actuators (different types of motors, how to use them and for what).
 +  * Making things talk:
 +    * how to use multiple devices;
 +    * (basics of) communication and protocols;
 +    * wired and wireless connections;​
 +    * connecting to the internet.
 +  * Programming,​ Arduino and/or the PC:
 +    * Processing;
 +    * [[http://​​|PD PureData]] and [[http://​​products/​max/​|Max]].
 +Please let me and Rickard know:\\
 +Is there anything in this list you seriously don't want?\\
 +Is there anything that is missing?\\
 +====Week Overview====
 +9:00 - 12:00:
 +  * Intro 
 +  * What have we got here? Go through the stuff available in the workshop
 +  * Ideas and Requests inventory
 +  * planning of the week
 +13:00 - 16.00:
 +  * getting set up
 +  * starting your project
 +9:00 - 15:00: project work and clinics\\
 +15:00 - 16.00: progress sharing\\
 +9:00 - 12:00: project work and clinics\\
 +//afternoon free of planned curriculum//​\\
 +9:00 - 15:00: project work and clinics\\
 +15:00 - 16.00: progress sharing\\
 +9:00 - 13:00: \\
 +  * finishing of '​something to show'
 +  * documenting work
 +  * preparing presentations
 +  * //​workspaces cleanup//\\
 +14:00 - 16.00: \\
 +  * //​presentation//​\\
 +  * //​reflections and feedback//​\\
 +====Links and materials provided by teachers and students====
 +[[http://​​en/​education/​programmes/​mfa-in-interaction-design/​projects/​experience-prototyping/​| Experience Prototyping]],​ course description on the main UID website. Witth links for results of previous years.\\
 +[[http://​​images/​uploads/​news/​pdfs/​FultonSuriBuchenau-Experience_PrototypingACM_8-00.pdf| Article: Experience Prototyping]],​ written by Buchenau and Fulton Suri (IDEO). This article articulates some of the ideas on which this course was based.\\
 +[[http://​​|Simple Haptics]], dissertation of Camille Moussette. Camille helped to found and develop this course.\\
 +[[http://​​|murmurations]] Stoffel'​s Research blog\\
 +====Expected Results of the Week====
 +Learning goals:\\
 +  * working comfortably outside your comfort zone, knowing your limits;
 +  * having written a functional piece of code that did what you intended (or at least of which you understand what it did even if it was not what you intended);
 +  * having soldered an electronic circuit;
 +  * developing an articulated opinion on the relevance (if any) of electronic and programmatic prototyping for Interaction Designers;
 +//some of these goals are inspired by an Architecture professor that made all his students lay eight bricks (with mortar), so they could never be accused of never having worked with the materials themselves.//​\\
 +  * show-and-tell of an electronic system you have tinkered together (actually working, or a good fake / wizzard-of-ozz);​
 +    * present it as an interactive system prototype, how it fits in your ideas about Interaction Design;
 +    * present the difficulties you encountered and how you overcame them.\\
 +====Resulting Student Work====
 +link to your results here:\\
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