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 +====Week 36: Bodies in Space====
 +//​with:​[[http://​​in/​f31richholland| Rich Holland]]//​\\
 +This week is about how us humans interact with the environment around us, so it's about the body and our physicality and how (static or non/minimal electronic) interventions in your physical environment change the way you perceive and interact with that space and others in it.\\
 +The week will have something to do with how you propel yourself in a space (depending on the weather) and the general area of design is somewhere between architecture,​ interaction and product design.\\
 +**NB** please bring an old bit of technology (like an old toaster or something).
 +===Transport,​ meals and lodging====
 +**NB** this week will take place on location at [[http://​|Floda31]].\\
 +**NB** bring sleeping-bags,​ toiletries and personal care stuff, (work-)clothes for 5 days.\\
 +**NB** bring your notebook, laptop, camera and such)\\
 +There is transport from the design school to Floda on Monday september 1st (as soon as we can after the start of the year meeting).\\
 +Return to the school on friday afternoon/​evening or saturday morning (depending on what you, students, want).\\
 +Food is not included but on the Friday afternoon we are planning a make-your-own-pizza type affair where we will make some doh.\\
 +There are various accommodation possibilities:​ tents can go anywhere on the grounds, two log cabins, one that sleeps two, and one that sleeps 4 and a summer house that sleeps 4. The summer house has a fully working kitchen and in the workshop are coffee / tea / toast / fridge facilities and there is also an outdoor pizza oven with running water sink. Oh and a tree house (that could do with a roof) for the more adventurous. The closest shop is about 15km away which closes at 18:00, the swimming lake is 10km away and we have a few bike that can be borrowed.\\
 +Any specific questions about all this just mail [[]].\\
 +====Week Overview====
 +9:00 - 12:00: (start of the year activities)\\
 +14.00 - 15.00: Shopping; Bus to Floda31 will leave from ... at ....\\
 +16.30 - ... :
 +  * Introduction to people, Floda, idea for the week and brief.
 +  * Introduction to the the facilities, materials to use for sensory extensions.
 +9:00 - 12:​00: ​
 +  * Ideation
 +  * Finalisation of idea and materials list (if we need anything else)
 +  * Re-cap to the group what each groups idea is and how they want to tackle it.
 +13:00 - 16.00: ​
 + * Inspirational example chosen and talked about by course leaders.
 + * Making / tutoring.
 + * Finishing of sensory extensions.
 +9:00 - 12:​00: ​
 +  * Experiencing the finished things.
 +  * New Brief and how the new sensory extensions are influencing the next part of the brief.
 +  * Introduction to the spaces available for the sensory extensions.
 +13:00 - 16.00:
 +  * Ideation, making.
 +  * Re-cap to the group what each groups idea is and how they want to tackle it.
 +  * Finalisation of idea and materials list.
 +9:00 - 12:​00: ​
 +  * Inspirational example chosen and talked about by course leaders
 +  * Making / tutoring
 +13:00 - 16.00: \\
 +  * Finishing of spaces
 +  * Start to make presentation of final spaces and how the sensory extensions work with it.
 +9:00 - 13:00: \\
 +  * Presentation of final things, experiencing final things.
 +  * discussion of relevance of week to interaction design.
 +  * //​workspaces cleanup//\\
 +  * //​presentation//​\\
 +  * //​reflections and feedback//​\\
 +15:00 - ... : \\
 +  * Pizza time.
 +  * BonFire maybe.
 +  * return to Umeå (unless you want to stay and go saturday morning)
 +====Links and materials provided by teachers and students====
 +Some simple starting point:\\
 +[[http://​​news/​health-22631731|Avoiding the pitfalls of texting and walking]]\\
 +[[https://​​watch?​v=_pOuVylMFFw|Texting While Walking]]\\
 +====Expected Results of the week====
 +Learning goals:\\
 + *  increase your skills regarding designing for the body and our spatial perception,
 +        *  designing and constructing stuff on human-bodies scale.
 + * physical interaction space and related perceptual extensions
 +        * concept video
 +        * presentation video (or documentation of process and result)
 +====Resulting Student Work====
 +link to your results here:\\
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