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 +====Week 36: Seeing Sound====
 +//​with:​[[http://​​|Kay van Vree]] and [[http://​​|Diede van Vree]]//\\
 +This week you will create a prototype video that explores the boundaries of what's possible in our current world.
 +How do you make your fictional prototype feel credible and how can you persuade your audience?
 +In you're prototype video you must use the interaction between image and sound in order to invigorate your video. ​
 +During the week you will learn about the different facets of filmmaking, concept development,​ camera handling and post production. ​
 +====Week Overview====
 +==MONDAY 2nd==
 +13.15pm- 17.00pm\\
 +  * Introduction to video prototyping workshop\\
 +  * Personal work Diede & Kay\\
 +  * Visual inspiration ( video fragments)\\ ​
 +  * First brainstorm session in student groups\\
 +  * Brainstorm assignment\\
 +==TUESDAY 3rd== 
 +10am- 11.30am\\
 +  * Short 5 minute presentation by students, feedback round.\\
 +11.30am-12.15pm\\ ​
 +  * Presentation:​ The power of sound\\
 +13.15pm -14.45pm\\  ​
 +  * Basics of camera handling : Tips & Techniques\\
 +14.45pm - 17.00pm\\
 +  * Students groups work on concept and start with pre production\\ ​
 +==WEDNESDAY 4th==
 +10am - 11.30am\\
 +  * Basics: Editing with Premiere Pro\\ 
 +11.30am –17.00pm\\
 +  * Students work on there video\\
 +==THURSDAY 5th==
 +  * Students work on there video\\
 +  * Shooting and editing.
 +==FRIDAY 6th==
 +09.30 am-12.15pm\\
 +  * Finalising edit / post production/ compression / upload online\\
 +  * Watch work on big screen!\\ ​
 +  * //​workspaces cleanup//\\
 +  * //​presentation//​\\
 +  * //​reflections and feedback//​\\
 +//end: 14:30 (due to Joint Project Presentations 14:30 - 16:00)//\\
 +====Links and materials provided by teachers and students====
 +Inspirational videos day one:\\
 +Piano Stairs - Fun Theory (Volkswagen Sweden) [[https://​​watch?​v=sf9SaySaQZA]]\\
 +ColorPlay [[https://​​62398008]]\\
 +An Instrument for the Sonification of Everday Things [[https://​​49484255]]\\
 +human bird wings - floris Kaayk [[http://​​]]\\
 +3D No glasses by Jonathan Post [[http://​​watch?​v=Uef17zOCDb8&​list=FL7UGPMpff8sCTAqLnvun6Ow]]\\
 +Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering) [[http://​​watch?​v=Oe3St1GgoHQ&​list=FL7UGPMpff8sCTAqLnvun6Ow]]\\
 +Introducing Google Nose [[http://​​watch?​v=VFbYadm_mrw]]\\
 +Nikola Tesla Free Energy Conspiracy [[https://​​watch?​v=UdOFAAgTUqo]]\\
 +Inspirational videos day two:\\
 +Planet deep sea  (Foley) https://​​watch?​v=SUJ6fRTCXWQ ​ \\
 +Metronomy ​ - On the Motorway (audio painting) https://​​5092349 ​ \\
 +Breaking Bad as a Sitcom https://​​watch?​v=-6v-ApehVbc ​ \\
 +Breaking bad original trailer https://​​watch?​v=2ZXpxRFCFv0 ​ \\
 +Batman The sound of Anarchy http://​​video/​x7yiy7_the-dark-knight-2008-the-sound-of-a_shortfilms ​ \\
 +Star gitar https://​​7469697 ​ \\
 +Sander Van Dijk & Radium Audio https://​​32081602 ​ \\
 +Hilary Hahn and Hauschka "Draw a Map" https://​​43167298 ​ \\
 +Reflexive loopers for solo musical improvisation [[https://​​watch?​v=1D_sMj21LGA]] \\
 +Brainstorming (but there a lots of other sources on the web)[[http://​​Brainstorm]] \\
 +Good book to get you started on getting some creativity technics
 +[[http://​​Winnie-Pooh-Problem-Solving-Problems/​dp/​0525940634]] \\
 +Some extensive information about sound in film. http://​​marshall/​ \\
 +All the soundeffects you need. http://​​ \\
 +Buy some (not so great) music here, if you need to use it in a commercial setting. http://​​ \\
 +Sound basics with good tips http://​​sound.html \\ 
 +The role of sound, music and sound effect in the film
 +http://​​items/​783888-the-role-of-sound-music-and-sound-effect-in-the-film-industry \\
 +Types of shots we discussed in class [[https://​​viewer?​ |link]] ​ \\
 +Cheatsheet with some useful tips and tricks. [[http://​​how-to/​content/​filmmaking-for-dummies-cheat-sheet.html]] \\
 +Checklist you can use when (and before) shooting your film http://​​wiki/?​ns=courses%3A&​image=courses%3Abefore_shooting_checklist.docx&​do=media&​tab_files=files&​tab_details=view \\
 +Vimeo film school (good place to start learning film) [[https://​​videoschool]] \\
 +Terms used in film [[http://​​media/​Documents/​short/​gramtv.html]] \\
 +shortcuts premiere http://​​wiki/?​ns=courses%3A&​image=courses%3Ashortcuts_premiere.doc&​do=media&​tab_files=files&​tab_details=view \\
 +Get editing quickly http://​​watch/​learn-premiere-pro-cs6/​get-editing-quickly/​ \\
 +====Results of the week====
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