Download CV (.pdf)Download CV (.doc)My name is Mikko Pitkänen and I have recently (Now I work for the research departement there!) graduated as MA Interaction Designer from Umeå Institute of Design. Since this page is /mikko,you might also want to see the schools blog ,which is the same address,just without my name. You can find my posts here,it's probably 75% of the blog,I like to find new stuff and tell others about them.Before I decided to become an interaction designer,I studied my BA in Television and Film Design in Hull,UK. After the BA,in 2006-2007,I worked in a place reminiscent of Bukowski's Post Office on a horribly low salary.I worked for Nokia,probing in to the visual languages of the world in the summer of 2008.I know a bunch of programs that help me design interactions:the whole Adobe suite (except for the weird ones),Cinema 4D,Processing (easy Java,basically),Arduino (an electronics prototyping board and programming language) and a bunch of others. And if don't know it,I learn it.