Main Screen.
main BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,Tap to select a film or resume the last film you have been watching or search for a film,actor,director,country etc. or filter results to discover new films.
Premium content is shown with a yellow outline (sparkle,Accutane 100mg,sparkle!).

One time only nag-screen with tick option to remember the username and password forever. If needed the username and password can be changed from the settings.

Filter/Funnel discovery system.
If you don’t know a film you want to watch,just tap the funnel icon to filter the main view results,BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. You can add as many filters as you want,australia,uk,us,usa. As you add filters,the movies in the background will change. Buy no prescription Accutane online,Tap the blurred movies to get back to main view.

Filter/Funnel stack
Filters will stack so,that it is possible to change or remove any of the tabs without affecting the other filters. BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,Tap the filter you want to alter. A pop-up dialog will appear

Filter/Funnel stack 2
Similiarly the search results stack on the filter results and shrink the movie selection down as well,Accutane 800mg,875mg,900mg,while staying completely editable and removable. (Check the video on how to change and remove filters.)

Play dialog.
Tapping a movie on the main screen will pop-up a dialog showing the synopsis of the film and some additional information. Buy Accutane from mexico,Tap on play button to start watching the film.

Transport controls.
A single tap while the movie is playing will pause the movie and show the transport controls as well as a settings button.
Tapping the ****** logo,will give options for subtitles or audio track and also an option to go back to the main screen.Tapping on the out-of-focus movie will resume the play,BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.
To seek a certain point in the movie,tap on the timeline or tap on one of the thumbnails,Accutane 1000mg,2000mg. You can expand the time where the thumbnails are picked from by pinching the thumbnail view. Also by dragging your finger from the center thumbnail towards the edges,Farmacia Accutane baratos,Accutane online kaufen,you can fast-forward or rewind the film. The further from the center your finger is,the faster the seeking will become.

Design diary.

BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,NOTE:This was an exercise done for a company. I decided to put it up here as well,Accutane 5mg. I removed/distorted all branding.

Day 1

Sketching on paper all the interactions required. First job I took was to figure how to use history or back/forward. Buy cheap Accutane,What is missing from the PC ****** client is the history,but it doesn't have search and you can only filter movies by genre,so I decided that the client isn't worth much for this interface. One more thing that is missing from the PC client is instant resume,and it really needs it,BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. If you need to do something else on your computer/iP***e (like answer the phone),New York. Los Angeles,California,it's quite annoying to go through the catalog to get to the film back. My decision was to include a button to resume the last film you were watching to the main page. Accutane withdrawal,I figured out two more buttons are required:Search and Filter,which both do the same thing,but filter is more like a discovery option to find a film from a specific genre,decade or country etc,Accutane 125mg. A good thing to have if you haven't got anything specific in mind. BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,The main page shows what's hot right now,if a movie is of premium content,it needs to be highlighted somehow. I also figured out that no back/forward buttons are required. Where can i order Accutane without prescription,By layering the options on top of each other it is easy to move back and forth in the UI. The filters will stack so that it is easy to remove or change them or go back steps with a single tap. Did some extremely rough sketches (for my eyes only,but put them here as well) while planning this out,Austin,Texas,Memphis,Tennessee. I doodled the two icons I would need as well,BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. I decided to use a funnel as a metaphor for filter. I tought about a sieve as well,Köpa Accutane online,Osta Accutane online,Jotta Accutane verkossa,but a funnel is more iconic. Search would be just a looking glass inspecting some blocks and finding a golden one. Funnel would use the same blocks as well,filtering out a golden block,0.4mg,0.5mg,1mg,2.5mg. BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,This took me a 3-4 hours on wednesday afternoon.

Day 2

First thing I started to do was to create the icons I would need and figure out how big they would need to be. First versions looked too dull,Accutane for sale,grey and when scaled down,not very clear. I also made a test screen .psd with double the resolution of the iP***e screen,to see what they would look on the device,Detroit,Michigan,San Jose,California. I was still unsure at this point what the "resume last film" icon should look like so I left the space blank.
After playing around with a few versions of the icons I settled for the look I have now:white elements with blue and gold elements on pink background,BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. I also added some soft gradients to make them look more like icons. Reasons to buy Accutane online,The order of the icons is planned,so that first search and then filters,so that search results could also be filtered if necessary. The resume film button is the bottom one for quick access,Accutane 150mg. The ****** logo would act as quit application and access settings button as well. BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,On the sketches I made yesterday,I initially thought a complete history of movies watched and actions made would be required. So that the movies watched would fall in to a timeline where the rightmost one is the last one watched. Accutane 625mg,650mg,Tapping on any of the movies on the timeline would resume it where it was last left. Similiarly all the actions would fall in to the timeline as well,like previous search results and filters etc. But I decided that this is way too much information for a simple application and shrank down the function to a single button,Accutane pharmacy. However,I took the timeline and made use of it in the transport controls later on,BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.
As a decoration I used a starfield on the background to remove the static black. I got so used to it,Boston,Massachusetts. Charlotte,Carolina,that I decided to keep it. I also put together an icon for the "resume film" button,made couple of iterations based on the same language as the two other icons and taking the golden block,a "play" symbol and the letter "R" or "Re",buy Accutane online no prescription.
I spent about 4-5 hours doing this.

The first thing I did was to shrink the icons a lot. They were taking too much space on the screen and didn't look that good. Order Accutane online overnight delivery no prescription,Then I put some DVD covers on the screen to see what they look like when scaled down. Originally I wanted the covers to be in 3D with a draggable slider that would move them back and forth the screen,but I noticed that this takes way too much space on the screen before I finished photoshopping it. I decided to scrap it and use finger slide and pinch gestures instead to get more covers on the screen (six is the best if you need to actually figure out what movie it is,purchase Accutane online no prescription,12 is just more). Small arrows on the sides tell that there are more movies on the next/previous page,BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. After that I started to work on the filters and their tabs. Accutane in cats,dogs,children,I made them a pseudo-3D look,so that they look as if they would slightly stack on top of each other. After a few iterations I decided to color code them to stand out from each other a bit more. I decided already on day 1 that I would need 5 filters:genre,comprar en línea Accutane,comprar Accutane baratos,year,rating,Buy Accutane from canada,length,country. BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,I took a look what and similiar sites have as filters. And "search" would be the sixth as it would search in any of these as well as the movie name plus probably director,main actor/actress etc.,Accutane over the counter.
I also sketched out the transport controls function during movie playback. I wanted the minimum amount of chrome for the entire UI,so I decided to base these controls on gestures. Taking the idea of a thumbnailed timeline from the sketches of the first day,frames from the movie would be used in certain intervals to create a wall of thumbnails. The intervals could be scaled,so that more of the timeline would be seen,BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. As I thought about how to show this action,it dawned on me that certain actions in the UI would be easier to explain via animation. After creating .psd of the transport controls I started to work on the animation,which explains the filter and transport functions more clearly. I spent about 5 hours creating the UI elements and another 5 animating the first part(filters).
On Day 4 I spent the entire day animating both parts (and finishing them maybe 6 hours). BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,Day 5 was a day off,no work.

Day 6

Took a look after a breather-day to see what was missing or didn't make sense.
I added a small arrow to the home screen indicating that there are more movies,
if the screen slided to the left. I fixed the colours on the filters to correspond to the ones on the tabs. Added a search function and visualized this on the tabs as well. And finally created this document out of the screenshots and documents I made along the way,BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. I first thought about including an elaborate login screen,but as this is hopefully done only once,I decided to put it as part of the main screen as a one-time only nag screen.
I made the entire project basically on the go,sketching out the main details and interactions as rough sketches on paper and then creating all the stuff very rapidly in Photoshop,Cinema 4D and After Effects.
I had a bunch other ideas that relate to the UI being in 3d,where all the screens would float on top of each other,showing only corners of the next previos screens,but I scrapped this as well for being too complex and unintuitive,also taking up too much space.
I also wanted to include a function to the video player,where the user could select a snippet of the movie,save it (think Quicktime Pro) and share it on Youtube,Myspace etc.. But also this would have been a bit too complex and unnecessary element for the simplicity I desired to have.

Oh my T-V-C-one-five. Oh-oh,T-V-C-one-five.

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