n_apps BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,Many visual languages use human elements to describe the action in question. If the action is looking at something,an eye is used,Indianapolis,Indiana,San Francisco,California. If it is something that people generally do with their hands,Online buy Viagra without a prescription,a hand is used. The contemporary device icons use a folder to indicate an upper level in hierarchy. A lot of people think that this is boring,Nashville-Davidson,Tennessee. Portland,Oregon,uninventive and unintuitive,Order Viagra no prescription,so a different sort of categorization is in order. Using the senses as metaphors of an upper hierarchy level,might be more intuitive and more interesting,BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

The upper hierarchy level metaphor must be on the background and abstractified. Or have it as the ICON background and very large,where can i find Viagra online. The upper level metaphors are very abstract and are loosely related to seeing,Where can i buy Viagra online,hearing and touching. Touch might be better if placed foreground as it as it describes the action better. BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,Going deeper into the hierarchy the metaphor does not shrink,but loses elements.

In some cases the icons shrink in size when the user is deeper in the hierarchy,Viagra 200mg,the readability of this function could be improved if only the hierarchy metaphor changes,Where can i find Viagra online,since it is in the hierarchy that the user moves in. Also shrinking the icons makes them look less important. ‘Everything under the sun ’,Viagra samples,a finnish saying ‘kaikki saman katon alla’,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. Phoenix,Arizona,which changes the sun metaphor to roof. These metaphors are familiar in the western world,but also it can be seen in Chinese pictograms to indicate something on a higher level,order Viagra no prescription.

There are three major reading directions in the world today,BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Left-to-right and down,Viagra 50mg,right-to-left and and top-to-bottom and right. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis indicates that humans perceive things the way that their language taught them. A person who reads left to right is biased to think that time moves horizontally to the right,purchase Viagra online no prescription. They also prefer everything to move from left to right. BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,In cultures with a different reading direction the bias is the opposite way,but it is not as strong. Buy Viagra from canada,Since it is not easy to know which direction could be associated to a certain action,it is suggestable to use ‘away’ and ‘towards’ in space,which is recognisable in most cultures,Viagra 800mg,875mg,900mg.

Messaging has two functions;writing and reading. Baltimore,Maryland. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,Since most of the functions in the lower hierarchy are related to reading,the seeing metaphor is more appropriate. In the 2nd level of hierarchy,where can i order Viagra without prescription,the vision metaphor has lost one of it's rings. The ‘New Message’ icon has the 2nd level touch metaphor behind it,to separate it from reading functions,BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Farmacia Viagra baratos,Viagra online kaufen,The ‘Inbox’ icon has a green arrow pointing towards the user and the ‘Outbox’ icon away from the user. Towards is ‘for me’ and away ‘from me’.

The upper metaphor for the applications icon should be a hand symbol,buy Viagra without prescription,because mostly the apps require input from the user. Reasons to buy Viagra online,Applications are a collection of works ,in Chinese the pictogram representing this ‘many birds in one tree’. BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,While a bird might be too abstract a symbol to understand,using a known symbol repeated,might do the trick. Some programs use gears as a metaphor for applications,buy Viagra online cod. Together with a hand it is a metaphor for ‘use’. Australia,uk,us,usa,The current icon can be improved by using the ‘action’ metaphor. It also uses the seeing metaphor repeated.

Log is the history of the phone usage,BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Log is also a book used for recording important events,Jacksonville,Florida,Columbus,Ohio. A metaphor for history should be something that is from the history and that can show the passage of time. Buy Viagra no prescription,That's why the chosen metaphor is an hourglass with in/out arrows inside it. Although an hourglass is not enjoying wide cultural acceptance,it still reminds the infinity symbol turned around,Viagra 125mg. BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,Whether it should be on a book cover or not,is questionable. The book might add an extra level of confusion,Chicago,Illinois. Houston,Texas,but it also describes the item better. The upper metaphor is seeing,since the log is reading of the data collected,kjøpe Viagra online,bestill Viagra online.


Chinese use variety of ways to implement ideas to pictograms. Where can i buy cheapest Viagra online,Only 3 are of interest for icon creation:Pictograms,which look like the word itself. Ideograms indicate the use and location of things,BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Compounds are combinations of words,order Viagra online c.o.d,which form a new word. Viagra in cats,dogs,children,Semantic compounds have a certain poetry in them. An arrow stuck to the ground is ‘to arrive’,while a hand and a bow is ‘to send out’. The symbols have become more and more abstract as time has passed. BUY Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,The symbols today are almost impossible to decipher without knowledge of their his without knowledge of their history. Pictograms describing actions often include the body part doing the action. Seeing is done with the eye,hearing with the ear and so on.

Solresol is a constructed language from the 19th century created to be universal. Can be communicated with colors,notes,beats,gestures,stenographs and numbers,so basically all the paintings,mathematical equations,songs or drum-beats can be interpreted by a Solresolist to have a completely different meaning. Solresol only 7 elements,which can be used to create 11,732 possible words.

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