Google asking for participation in the Open Web of Things Expedition

December 15 2014

Google is in the process of establishing an open innovation and research program around the IoT. They plan to bring together a community of academics, Google experts and potentially other parties to pursue an open and shared mission.

“As a first step, we are announcing an open call for research proposals for the Open Web of Things:

Researchers interested in the Expedition Lead Grant should build a team of PIs and put forward a proposal outlining a draft research roadmap both for their team(s), as well as how they propose to integrate related research that is implemented outside their labs (e.g., Individual Project Grants).
For the Individual Project Grants we are seeking research proposals relating to the IoT in the following areas (1) user interface and application development, (2) privacy & security, and (3) systems & protocols research.”

Read the full call for participation here.

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