UIST Student Innovation Contest

July 17 2014

Calling all hackers, designers, engineers, artists, researchers, and inventors…

The goal of the contest is to invent new interactions on state-of-the-art hardware. We give you the hardware and you show us what you can do. You will demo your creations at the UIST conference on October 7th 2014, and the winners will be announced the same evening.

This year’s hardware focuses on bringing more software-centric students into the fold for the contest. It’s a hardware prototyping platform that runs top-to-bottom in JavaScript; network communication, user interfaces, sensors, actuators, and all the rest are controlled through JavaScript to get you up and running fast and let your creativity flow. The Hardware: The Kinoma Create.

The Create comes with a built-in touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, a front-facing sensor connector, and a 50-pin rear sensor dock. It’s all programmed wirelessly using Kinoma Studio, the provided software. Studio can compile code for the Create, as well as for Android devices: this means that you can have hardware interoperate with your cell phone. This software also allows you to simulate your sensors, so you can get started with your designs before you receive your device! Marvell will also provide example code for a variety of sensor and interface tasks to get teams started quickly.

Through Kinoma, we are also providing teams with a sensor budget of $50 to acquire sensors and actuators for their projects. We’re focusing on household interfaces this year.

For more details and to register by the deadline of August 7th, visit the contest website at: bit.ly/uistcontest2014.

For questions, email the contest chairs at studentinnovation@uist.org. Make sure to follow us on facebook.com/uistcontest and twitter.com/uistcontest, where we will be posting updates.

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