MYO – gestural control armband

February 26 2013

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Using groundbreaking technology, MYO is able to measure electrical activity in your muscles instantly.The result is a seamless way to interact with computers, and a truly magical sense of control.

This product comes from Thalmic Labs, based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada! Nice :-)

March 1 2013
Jules permalink

Motion sensing land is getting more and more populated with different technologies. Next to Wii, Move and Kinect, there’s now -besides Myo- also DUO, Leap Motion and SoundWave. I am really curious in what type of projects these things will end up being used. Also, how accessible the APIs will become (bindings for high level languages) and if we are going to see some type of market leader in the field…

August 18 2013
tony permalink

Can MYO arm band sense movement of each finger? please reply??

August 20 2013

It should, if you see their video (link) it shows single finger actions.

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