Fonckel, in touch with light

October 10 2012


Fonckel is a lamp that embodies a different approach to interaction design. Not just research but an actual product you can buy.

“Central in our design philosophy is the conviction to respect and make use of human skills as much as possible. People are emotional beings, with advanced bodily abilities. Why limit interaction to pressing buttons or rotating dials, when people can do such interesting and intricate things with their body? A pair of scissors does not need a manual, yet it enables people to cut out the most creative and complex patterns.

We strive to achieve that simplicity, intuitiveness and flexibility in our luminaires, ensuring you can use light in new intricate ways, while enjoying doing it. Through a pleasant, physical, intuitive and functional interaction experience, we aim to bring light closer to people.”

Fonckel was originally developed by Philip Ross as part of his PhD in design at ID, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. More exciting ideas about interaction design at the Designing Quality in Interaction research group there.

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