Banana piano!

May 16 2012

Maybe the interaction workshop should back a couple of these kits? :)


May 17 2012

Nice project! It reminds me a lot of the course we did in 2006 with Matt Cottam with hacked keyboards and all. And keyboard emulators have been around for over 10-15 years for prototyping quickly interactive projects around key presses and such. It is a very rapid and ubiquitous way of controlling any software (almost).

We have 6 of those in the Interaction Workshop. I’m not sure the school is ready to chip in for a Kickstarter pledge (legally it has issues), but once MakeyMakey boards are available via Sparkfun, I don’t see why we can’t stock a few a those at UID.

There is a new board apparently with mouse events capability:


May 20 2012

If you want to do similar switches (capacitive touch) with a stock Arduino, check this

As for transforming an Arduino Uno into a generic USB device (keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc), check and

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