OASIS (Object-Aware Situated Interactive System)

January 7 2011

I just copy paste from Intel’s website: “OASIS (Object-Aware Situated Interactive System) combines real time computer-vision algorithms. 3D cameras and micro-projections for fast recognition and tracking of everyday physical objects and gestures. This demo uses projected displays on everyday household surfaces to create interactive “islands” for in-home applications. This is easy to retrofit to any home, any room, and almost any horizontal or vertical surface. This project anticipates new capabilities for the future home and the implications for the home server application and functions.”

I didn’t keep it away from the second years, just stumbled upon it right now. Might be similar to what some of you’ve been working on.

Watch the video here, there’s no way I can embed it in the blog.

January 12 2011

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June 10 2015
Nithin Vasisth permalink

Could you share the developers info? Give credits?

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