Program or be Programmed

November 21 2010

Original illustration for Program or be Programmed, by Leland Purvis

I recently read Douglas Rushkoff’s latest book Program or be Programmed and found it really interesting. It addresses the issue that we are loosing understanding and control in this new digital age. People are becoming more and more alienated users, digital illiterates. I really recommend this book for anyone interested in IxD out there.

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By the way, OR Books is a small progressive publishing company that tries to do things differently in the business. It’s very refreshing and encouraging to see commercial initiatives trying to shake-up the often very conservative publishing industry. Along the same lines, Mr. Rushkoff was recently interviewed by GRITtv‘s Laura Flanders. Watch the 15 minutes video on GRITtv or below:More GRITtv

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