Can we get one for the Umeå IXD Workshop???

June 2 2010

From Singularity Hub :

“Francisco Paz (aka TheCorpora) has released new information about his open source robot Qbo. The diminutive wheeled bot stands only 456mm (18 inches) tall but is packed with sensors, including two high definition web cameras in its eyes. TheCorpora plans on using Qbo’s stereoscopic vision to let it react to people and objects in a realistic manner with face tracking, depth perception, and gesture detection. The robot will also be capable of speech recognition and synthesis. If all goes according to plan, the Qbo could serve as a versatile open source platform, allowing programmers to explore and perfect the ways in which humans and robots interact.

Qbo will come with some impressive hardware. Besides the high definition webcams there will be a MiniITX board with Intel Atom CPU and NVidia Ion graphics. The robot will be capable of Wifi and Bluetooth control and will have an associated API and web control panel. Its face will be expressive with a 20 LED mouth, a nose, and eyes that can move and be covered by eyelids. Ultrasound sensors will help the robot avoid obstacles as it wheels around.”

June 5 2010

I would like to know how much will it be, but I don’t think it is that wow. They use a mini ITX (and you can buy that for 150dolars). It’s basically like a mac mini computer board, so it’s like connecting an arduino to a mac mini.

They should show what is it capable of, I’m really curious! Because on the hardware side, we have all that stuff and even more in the workshop to build something like that.

June 5 2010

Yeah, the whole package seems neat and tight and cute, but it is just a bunch of tech. And they sure go all out for it: face tracking, depth perception, gesture detection, speech recognition and synthesis, wifi, Bluetooth, web control, etc. That’s a lot of stuff to get going with robotics. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Just like any robot kit, what you do with it is the interesting part. Maybe it’s better to have a simpler creature that does just a few things really well and then build from there. It seems like a penguin-shaped Roomba mixed with a Sony Aibo.

Also why most robot things often have a name ending with “0”?



June 7 2010
Artur permalink

well in Russian, nouns finishing with “A” are feminine.
“I” is plural
consonants are masculine
“e” and “o” are neutral… but especially “O” ’cause things that I can think of finishing on “e” are non-countable.
Seeing how the word Robot comes from Slavic, it makes perfect sense to me :) …
but I’m sure it’s not the right reason.

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