toxiclibs showreel

September 20 2009

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toxiclibs is an independent, open source library collection for computational design tasks with Java & Processing. After 2.5 years of continuous development & refactoring, the collection consists of >14k lines of code, 124+ classes, 18 packages bundled into 7 libraries. The classes are purposefully kept fairly generic in order to maximize re-use in different contexts ranging from generative visuals, data visualization to digital fabrication, use as teaching tool and more.

This showreel is meant to provide a short overview of projects & experiments done by current users of the libraries.

More information & downloads:

via @toxi.

(can’t believe this gentleman (K. Schmidt) is comin’ over for a week to teach us some Processing!!!)

September 21 2009

damn! Am super jealous! I hope you guys will be kind enough to document the learning super well so us obsolete oldies can learn a bit too! :D

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