Nearness by BERG and Touch

September 15 2009

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Nearness, a project by Jack Schulze (BERG) and Timo Arnall (Touch), two fine gentlemen that presented their work at UID last March.

Via the BERG blog.

September 15 2009
stina permalink

Nice! Love both the content and the video aesthetic. It puts NFC in a philosophical and almost poetic light. The absence of music makes it very intimate. I would have like to see that presentation at the UID summit.

September 15 2009
Camille Moussette permalink

Yeap, nicely done. What do you think: what is faked and what is real? It could done both ways I think, or a mixture of both. The plane at the end looks faked to me (cut in the video). Anyways, it’s an excellent video depicting NFC and its use.


September 16 2009

@stina They didn’t present that particular project at the conference; they both presented their individual work (Jack Schulze: previewd his curved 3D map ‘Here & There’ and Timo Arnall showed his experiments (some done with Schulze) with visualizing RFID signals).

Amazing how two talented guys can turn “cold” technology inner workings into a poetic and tangible demonstration, I find.

September 17 2009

Awesome stuff by some awesome people again. This video received over 31,000 responses on the first day itself. Speaks of the calibre of their thinking. Keep them close !!! :)

September 19 2009
stina permalink

@Pierre-Alexandre Do you know if there are any videos from those talks? It would be interesting to see. Btw i love your sound project with the different tones for different price tiers at the check out counter!

September 19 2009

@stina We have recorded the videos but yet have to edit them. Now that Camille’s back in town, I assume that we’ll release them in the coming weeks on the UID Design Talks website. And thanks for the good comments!

October 2 2009
Cora permalink

Hi there! I am a student at the University of Dundee, Scotland studying Design Ethnography. I love your blog! Keep up the great posts.
This video is excellent. It’s the 2009 version of Peter Fischli and David Weiss’ piece ‘The Way Things Go”! Check out the youtube video:

October 10 2009

[…] with Jack Schulze that unveils some of the process and thinking behind Nearness. What inspired you to do this experiment, creating a sort of homage to Fischli and Weiss? The […]


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