My Deck is Bigger than Your’s…

September 24 2009


This was made by the same guys as Mikko’s earlier post.

Try it…and don’t forget to press the play button at the bottom of the screen to start.

(Its easy to get carried away by seeing all the buttons, knobs and sliders…)

Every Kaossilator fans’ WET dream…?


September 24 2009

I STILL *Heart* Kaossilator. Less is more. More is a bore.

September 24 2009
Mikko permalink

I WILL try this later, my life has too many distractions and not enough money. need to get a job real soon, otherwise I will never have the money to buy a Kaossilator. Kaossilator is God, God is Kaossilator. K-A-O-S-S-I-L-A-T-O-R–R-U-L-E-Z-!-!-!

October 1 2009

dangerously addictive rahul. but a mag. experience.

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