Typographic synthesizer

April 9 2009

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Looks pretty rad. Here’s a link to the meek.fm official website.

April 9 2009

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April 12 2009

Remarkable – on top of the concept and execution on screen, the physical device looks so cool.

April 12 2009
pea permalink

Yup. Thought you’d like it :-)

Not sure about their jamming session though. Needs more practice.

April 13 2009

Low energy, but definitely shows what it can do.

What’s cool for me in the jam clip is seeing the controller used as part of a larger ensemble. The fact that letterforms shape sound almost becomes a backdrop and I think it’s brilliant that way: the connection seems effortless. When you think about it conceptually (letter manipulation controlling sound), on the other hand, it’s not the most natural pairing. Anyway… really inspiring.

April 26 2009

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